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Shop Front for Local Artists

We have never had so many local arts on our books.  They give Eyebright it’s point of difference.  Great successes have included garden wind wands, shabby chic mini dresses , wooden train whistles, corrugated iron art, and nutcrackers. 

Tourists want to buy local, and we love being the interface that makes this possible. 

We sell local art on commission and give perfect market feedback.  If the product and price hits the sweet spot, it sells.   Otherwise both Eyebright and the artisan know to try something else.

The beauty of selling through Eyebright is that we do all the marketing, leaving you to be creative.

Call in with your work.  We don’t accept everything, but if is looks like a winner, and our customers agree, then it can be the start of a new chapter in your life.

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