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Wendelton Guinea Pig Village

Wendelton is seriously fun

Create a guinea pig love affair 

We supply the treats for you to feed them
They will love you for it

Wendelton is a small village where the Eyebright guinea pigs live.

Among miniature houses and businesses, they scamper about the verdant pastures of Wendelton. 


There’s a school, a castle, a beauty salon and the all-important maternity unit. 

Wandering around the perimeter you will encounter plaques about the many buildings.

The guinea pigs love having visitors and come rushing out when you arrive.

Adults: $2.00          

Kids (12 and under): $1.00        

Kids under 4 and over 79: FREE 


At the Eyebright shop you can also buy Guinea Pig Soft toys.

The Wendelton Book

There's even a book written by Peter Owen, Owner of Eyebright.


It looks like another kids book but has adult tongue-in-cheek humour running through it.  If you enjoyed the plaques dotted around Wendelton, then 'To Many Guinea Pigs' will tickle your funny bone also.   If Peter is on site (he almost always is), then he will be delighted to sign your copy.

Hansel & Petal's Romance

This is a story of Hansel & Petal; Guinea Pigs madly in love.


Hansel and Petal were married on 21st February 2015. It was a wondrous occasion with an overwhelming turnout of 170 guests. 

Friends and fans of Wendelton from all over New Zealand arrived to witness the happy couple make their vows.

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