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Great things are coming. 

You have clicked onto 'dried flowers'  at the leanest time (just before the main harvest).  Drop in again in mid February to see awesome white statice, a magic range of helichrysum colours, nigella, peagrass, safflowers.  In mid March, hydrangeas will be back also.  (written 16/1/21) 

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Dry 2021.JPG

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar

Wheat Golden Hairless.JPG

Golden Hairless Wheat

Rush 2021.JPG


Teasel Bleached.JPG

Bleached Teasel


Queen Annes Lace.JPG

Queen Anne's Lace

Statice Rose 2020.JPG

Rose Statice

Calgary  Wheat

Dock 2021.JPG


Teasel Natural 2021.JPG


Bulrushes Natural.JPG

Natural Bulrushes

$3.40 per stem

Statice Blue 2020.JPG

Blue Statice

Nigella orientalis.JPG

Nigella orientalis

Miscanthus 2021 78cm.JPG


Craspedia Olive 2021.JPG

Olive Craspedia

Bullrushes Black.JPG

Black Bulrushes

$3.90 per stem


Helichrysum Heads

Yellow Helichrysum Heads.JPG


100g and over


(approx. 6.7c/head).

100g =  approx. 300 heads)