Eyebright is a glorious country store on the Waimea Plains a few minutes drive from Richmond.  Stepping from the garden into the shop is to enter  a wonderland of silk flowers, dried flowers, gourmet delights, home wares, gifts, jewellery, and fibre.  Allow yourself plenty of time.

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Christmas Shop
Show Garden

The Eyebright Country Store is best known for its Christmas Shop.  For two and half months prior to Christmas most of the shop is given over to a spectacular Christmas display. 

That is also when the Garden is at its fresh new best. Roses love our fertile soil, temperate climate and ample water.  Other flowers and trees play supporting roles to the roses, but later when the roses rest between flushes others assume centre stage.

Silk Flowers

Dried flowers hang from the ceiling.  That is how We started over thirty years ago.  We are New Zealand’s biggest dried flower producer.

Real Christmas Trees

Jewellery is also important.  Eyebright Jewellery is innovative, ever changing, and affordable.  Eyebright jewellery like many of our categories has a strong New Zealand showing.


Eyebright is the Nelson’s exclusive stockist of Prenzel liqueurs, schnapps, spirits, vinaigrettes, and infused oils.  Prenzel is a little company that punches above its weight.  At Eyebright you can taste all their products and discover why Prenzel has won so many awards in Europe.

Sowing Dried Flowers

No matter what the time of year, in the shop you can enjoy a floral feast.  Eyebright has one of the biggest range of high quality silk flowers you will find.  They are colour co-ordinated to assist your choosing, and supported by knowledgeable staff who are ready to help.

Dried Flowers

The Eyebright property is a working farm growing Christmas Trees and a host of floral and edible crops.  Most of the local sunflowers supplied to florists are grown at Eyebright.

Jewellery.  Jewelry

The wool shop at Eyebright is almost 100% Kiwi.  Some of the product comes off the sheep you will see grazing in the paddocks by our car park.   The ‘Woolshed’ at Eyebright specialises in hand spun natural wool, and there is a great range of hand knitted sweaters.

Prenzel, Zarbo, Peplers

The man at the helm of Eyebright is Peter Owen.  His background is in horticulture, but he is a prolific writer, each month producing the Eyebright newsletter, which contains articles on everything from Barack Obama to growing a better Christmas tree.  Click here for a good read. 

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Wedelton Guinea Pig Village

Guinea Pig Village

At the foot of the Eyebright Garden is Wendelton Guinea Pig Village.  Life is very good for the guinea pigs at Wendelton, with their verdant pasture, lovely houses, and lots of nice people visiting them. They so look forward to your arrival that they rush out to greet you.  Peter has written a book about the guinea pigs at Wendelton.  It looks like a kids book, but is more likely to tickle the mirth of adults with a sardonic sense of humour.  It’s called ‘Too Many Guinea Pigs’.  Ask for it at the shop.

Above all Eyebright is a happy place. 

People visit for the shear enjoyment of it. 

We hope you will too.