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Eyebright is located in the Tasman district; generally called ‘Nelson’, after the main town. 

Nelson is known for its benign, Mediterranean, climate.  It is on the same latitude south of the equator, as San Francisco is to the north.

The population of Nelson City is 56,000   Eyebright is located on the edge of the town of Richmond (population: 20,000). 

Parks and public spaces abound.  Eyebright is a short distance from a safe, sandy, two-mile long beach.   There are three national parks less than one hours drive away.

The region is known for its galleries and artisans.

The Nelson Centre of Musical Arts is renown.

There is an excellent museum.

The schools are excellent, as are the libraries, art gallery and sporting facilities. 

Many of the virtues of the region have been created, and are maintained by volunteers.

Crime is low.   Overall, there is a caring society.

Economic drivers are fishing, forestry, horticulture, and tourism.

The Nelson region has New Zealand’s highest uptake of EVs and is the first place in New Zealand to have an electric bus service.  The local government is dedicated to sustainable development.

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Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

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