Eyebright Horticulture

McShane Road, Richmond, Nelson

Dried Flowers


All bunches$5.48

(except Hydrangea, Safflower and Terracotta Achillea )

(GST excl.)

Minimum order: 30 bunches

email:  admin@eyebright.co.nz


Click on:

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Dry 2021.JPG

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar

Wheat Calgary.JPG

Calgary Wheat

Nigella orientalis.JPG

Nigella orientalis

Statice Blue 2020.JPG

Blue Statice

Achillea Terracotta Short 2021.JPG

Terracotta Achillea

400mm stems 


Bullrushes Black.JPG

Black Bulrushes

$2.54 per stem

Bulrushes Natural.JPG

Natural Bulrushes

$2.22 per stem


Helichrysum Heads

Yellow Helichrysum Heads.JPG

40g to 1kg

$17.40/100g    (approx. 5.8c/head).


Over 1kg

$13.04/100g (approx. 4.3c/head)

100g =  approx  300 heads