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the One Eyed Poodle

Zsa Zsa and Pippa

Pippa happened to us.  His people passed on, leaving him to their grandsons, and eventually, Annette and I. 


With the grandparents, Pippa had enjoyed constant company, but the grandson had to make a living, and taking Pippa to work wasn’t an option.  Pippa’s life became one of confinement punctuated only by his own anguished yaps. 


He’s fourteen, has only one eye, is hard of hearing, and is subject to epileptic fits.  His prospects for finding a new home weren’t great.


He arrived shortly after our Sydney Silky / Yorkshire terrier cross, became a mum.  Zsa Zsa and her family of five stayed in a large play pen.  Pippa was happy observing from the outside.


When the pups went to new homes, Pippa stepped up to fill the void left in Zsa Zsa’s life.


Zsa Zsa’s had a very full time, caring for her pups.  First providing nourishment for squirming wee babies and then, as they grew, full-on romping and rounding up. 


Post-puppies I knew that I would have to resume my role as Zsa Zsa's playmate. I never thought that Pippa would be interested in the job.  But despite Pippa’s age and ailments, for short spells, he frisks with Zsa-Zsa like he's a quarter his age, thereby freeing me up to watch the news, get in firewood, or do nothing.

I have also discovered, that Pippa is well suited to being a companion to me.  I can attach him by his lead to my belt, and carry on with my day, hardly noticing that he’s there.  He steps and prances free of my feet and never tugs me from my intended route. 


Pippa’s greatest asset is his clean white fleece.  You might wonder if we’ve got, an out-of-season lamb.


He and Zsa Zsa have become best mates. 


And there’s another benefit.  Pippa isn’t into intrepid journeys.  He never would venture as far as the road, and  Zsa Zsa doesn’t venture far from Pippa, so the road is now less of a worry.  How different this would be, if Zsa Zsa's companion was another young dog.      


Pippa came as a problem, but has become a solution.

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