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Building the New Eyebright Website

Tasks always looks bigger when you’re coming up them. 

Nothing could be more true than in the case of building of the new Eyebright website

(check it out)

When I   committed to the project, it felt like I was taking on something as daunting as building a boat.  Boat or website; I had no experience in building either.  But now that that the website is safely launched, it seemed easy.

I would rather wait for a quarter of an hour to talk to a person than go on-line.  Too many time have I been frustrated.  My happy experience with this website build has, however, gone a long way towards making me less wary.  

Before this one Eyebright had been through three different website platforms.  Our first provider was ‘Zeald’, a New Zealand company.  We paid heaps to have a site which enabled us to sell on line, then it cost us every time we wanted to change something.  We persevered for a decade before switching to an economy platform run by a one man band.  It was cheap, but the owner started getting annoyed with me for asking for things he couldn’t do.


From that platform we went to ‘Shopify’, a platform that served us well as long as I had a young tech whizz on staff.  Alas she went on to become a Marketing Coordinator at PICs.  Our web site languished in her absence, so I gathered my resolve to tackle a rebuild on my own.


Not quite alone.  Enter Adrienne Matthews, previously my business partner, now a specialist in making great websites and empowering people to manage them.  Adrienne set me up with a platform called ‘Wix’.  As much to my surprise as hers, I took to it like a duck to water.  What I had learnt about manipulating photos and text for the monthly Eyebright newsletters was instantly transferable, and I have had hardly a moment frustration during the two month build. I love Wix.

Check out our new website; . If you don’t find everything you ever wanted to know about Eyebright, then please let me know.

If you want to have a positive website building experience contact Adrienne: 


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