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Apicare Skin Care

The Apicare skin care range is 'no nonsense' excellent for your skin.  Sorry, Apicare products won't make your skin like this wee tikes, nor does it claim to transform you into being a twenty year old queen of the catwalk.  What the Apicare range does promise is excellent results.  The ingredients are natural and of the utmost quality: Calendula, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Tea Tree and Manuka Honey to name just a few. 

Nobody likes wasting money.  With the Apicare range you pay, just, for quality ingredients, not glamorous endorsements and expensive adverts.  The range is extensive, but the staff at Eyebright are qualified to help you select the right one.  Everyone one of us use Apicare products (yes even Peter),  not because they're New Zealand made, and we sell them, but because they are the best products at the the best price.

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