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Doggy Do's and Don'ts

John Phillips with Seb

Doggy Do’s and Don’ts’ started as a song and became a book.  Every month we seem to get reports of dog attacks and kids are vulnerable.  They go down to pet it and discover that theirs nothing cute about the particular dogs temperament. 


In ‘Doggy Do’s and Don’ts’  John Phillips has tackled doggy danger in fun but memorable way.

Many of you will know John Phillips as the man behind the guitar at ‘Rock Da House’ , Nelson’s primary school music extravaganza.


He has spent most of his working life unlocking the talent in littlies.  In return he receives unabridged feedback  from the kids.  The feedback is often in mirth, but in whatever form it  takes, it has been uniformly good. 

‘Doggy Do’s and Don’ts’, the book, is the result months of work on evenings after days teaching. 

John supplies direct to schools, but you can buy off his website  or at Eyebright.  There is, of course, the song which along with ten other others on is on John’s album ‘Express Yourself”.  The book, the album or both is the perfect gift for a primary school pupil or preschooler, although I would enjoy receiving one myself.  His illustrations are wonderful, and his songs are catchy.

So why is it that Eyebright has the scoop on John Phillips writing, music, and illustrations?  He happens to be married to shop manager, Therese. 

Feb 03, 2017 • Peter Owen

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