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Zsa Zsa and the Excellent Glasses


We have a new puppy, and puppies love to chew.   I didn’t panic when I heard crunching wood.  There was kindling nearby, and chewed kindling is still fit for purpose.  Alas, the crunch issue was the bamboo arms of my new reading glasses, not kindling. 

Fortunately, it was not my prescription glasses, but my Moana Road reading glasses from Eyebright.

I loved my new glasses.  My prescription glasses rarely get a look in, as I find my reading glasses more useful most of the time, and at $1,200 for the prescription glasses, I’m afraid to use them.

At the age of 47, I discovered that my eyes weren’t what they used to be.   I remember the moment well.  I was on a solo tramp in the Richmond Ranges, and stopped to look at an interesting moss.  “Oh my goodness”, I said, when I discovered I wasn’t able to focus at close range.

That was the start of an eighteen-year trudge through, reading glasses after reading glasses, none of which were very stylish, and all of which failed rapidly.

Admittedly, working outside, as I do, my glasses have a hard life.   Until Zsa Zsa took an interest, My Moana Road Glasses were going the break the, buy-wear-fail mould of those that came before them


I had no idea how good they were until I owned a pair.  The biggy for me is the strength of the hinges.  That, plus everything else about these glasses is strong.  And! For the first time in eighteen years, I was getting random compliments about how good my glasses looked.

They come in a good range of styles, as well as polarised sunglasses, and all sell for $39.90.

I still have the Zsa Zsa chewed pair, and use them sometimes, but they’re a bit scratchy.

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