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John and Judith Bradley Enriching Each Others Lives

The other day, recently married couple, John and Judith Bradley breezed into the shop. They were both in their seventies.   Judith is a local girl, but moved to Fielding to be with John. 

They met through the internet.   John was looking for a crafty lady; crafty creative, not crafty conniving.  His mother and sister had both been enthusiastic crafters, so he had first- hand experience of the linkage between making things and contentment.  Judith does intricate beadwork. Some of you may have known her when she was owner of ‘The Bead Studio’ in Tahuna. 

The latter years of John’s first marriage were devoted to caring for his wife who suffered from hydrocephalus and then Parkinson’s.  When she passed away his days were filled with engineering projects.  He was previously a printing engineer and held patents for a number of innovations.  Jobs came to his doorstep and he became so busy that he didn’t realise how lonely he was, much less be inclined to do something about it.  His daughter told him that it was time that he should look for a companion, so he joined “Older Dating Online” and found Judith almost straight off.

John’s children were handy to Fielding, while Judith’s only daughter was in Queensland.  He had more reason to stay in Fielding than Judith had to stay in Nelson, so she made the move.

There was to be two weddings, one in each place, so their respective friends and family could attend.  When you’ve lived as long as they have, you acquire a lot of people who should be invited to your wedding, and it all became a bit much, so they dispensed with the ‘two wedding’ idea, and married at the registry office in Palmerston North.

The other thing that, hopefully, you acquire with advanced years is some idea of how to be happy.  For both John and Judith that involves being creative.  Judith still does intricate bead jewellery, and John has turned his hand to fabricating jewellery from Stirling Silver cutlery.  Their jewellery is what brought them to Eyebright.


They thought Eyebright would be the right sort of place for their work, and we think so also.

Beatle out to Eyebright to see this distinctive jewellery, made with love by two people in love.

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