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Jushe up your home with gourds


We've been growing them for thirty years

The  range is huge.

Colours will remain bright well into winter.  Near the shortest day you can expect one or two to show some mold. 

Fear not!

They will retain there hard shell. 

They will dry and then you have a light weight gourd with a mottled effect.


When dry they are great polished or painted.

$2.80 each or five for $12.00

Turks Turban (that's the big orange ones)  are, strictly speaking, not a gourd.  They are the worlds best keeping pumpkin, but when they eventually go off, they collapse. 


Turks Turban are $3.80


  We send anywhere in New Zealand.

The Range is huge so let us know your preference (shape, size, colours)

Give us a call 03 544 4977 or

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