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Getting Ready for Christmas

Every year the delights of the Christmas shop have to match or exceed the previous year.  Planning starts in March with the ordering of stock.  Mid-August sees the start of staging.  In early September stock begins arriving. 


By late September, Santa has nothing on us.  The many parts are all being prepared for the final set up.   We close for one day (Tuesday 10 October) when the shop is transformed to from one wonderland to another.


At 9:00 am on Wednesday the 11th of October, the doors will be thrown open to welcome the first of thousands who make the Christmas pilgrimage to Eyebright.

As ever, the display will be themed to work as a whole.  There will be space to stand back and appreciate the scenes graced by decorations and gifts you can buy.  The Christmas train will be Ho-Ho-Hoing it’s way around it’s track, and the staff will be attentive to your needs.  


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