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The Eyebright Garden





The Eyebright store is set on 11 acres on a historic site. This land was all paddocks until 2003 when Adrienne and Peter Owen began their dream of creating beautiful surroundings for their flourishing business.

The main feature of the landscape was the existing 150 year old oak tree in the middle of the drive. This was planted in the 1840s by Dr McShane and his wife who were some of the earliest settlers in the region. It is a magnificent specimen which links the past and the present and has become a main feature on the Eyebright logo.

The pond was dug first and then two small willow twigs were planted. These are now huge trees which form the backdrop of the pond. This has become a haven for bird life. The rest of the garden was then landscaped with an emphasis on cottage garden plants. The garden has been influenced by the work of the impressionist painters and their often riotous use of colour and texture.  It is a sight to behold when in full bloom and place of serenity year round.

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