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Financial Performance

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Year to 31 March                                Net Profit             Sales                                   

2020                                                    $53,436             $839,812

2021                                                    $161,166          $1,040,685       

2022                                                   $160,197          $1,084,936

2023                                                   $175,306          $1,073,290


The business is resilient in the face of economic headwinds.  

In the resent economic downturn, most businesses providing non-essentials have been impacted. But Eyebright's trading has hardly budged.

Consistent trading, is the result of multiple income streams (viz: Christmas Trees, Christmas Shop, Wool, Jewellery etc.


The business comes with a large, high quality, data base, thirty years in the making. 


The database enables the proprietors to easily communicate with their receptive customer base.  The average opening rate for Eyebright emails, at over 40%,  is exceptional. 

Notes to Figures:

Net profit includes returns from guinea pig village entry fees, rental,  Covid related subsidies, interest, and contract xmas set-up (Nelson Airport).


Net profit: Pre-tax and after allowing $80,000 owner/proprietor remuneration

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Peter Owen

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