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Bottle Gourds

The gourds are currently 

transitioning to 'dry'

They will be ready for dispatch in early September. 


Numbers will be limited.

Orders will be fulfilled in the

order in which they are received.

Please use the 'Contact' button to

place your order

200909 Dry Bottle Gourds Large, Medium,

 Large     Medium

    $16.90     $13.90     

Numbers are limited, and could be affected by losses during the drying process. 

Order will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.


Eureka Gourds

Available mid-February to mid May.   (Orders taken from mid-February)


Until mid-winter they will remain just as they are. 

By Spring, one or two may have changed. 

They retain their hard shells forever.  

Polish them, varnish them, or paint them.

(Information sheet supplied with your order)

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