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Dried Flowers

New Zealand's

Number One

Dried Flower 



(except Long Safflower and Hydrangeas)



Welcome to New Zealand

largest range of dried flowers.


If you would like to order

Please send us your choices and your delivery address.

We'll get back to you with the cost including delivery.

We ship anywhere in NZ


or click:

$5.00 Handling Charge

for orders of less than six bunches.  

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Dry 2021.JPG

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar

Whipcord 2022.JPG


Statice White.JPG

White Statice

Statice Rose 2020.JPG

Rose Statice

Statice Lavender 2020.JPG

Lavender Statice

Statice Blue 2020.JPG

Blue Statice

Miscanthus 2021 78cm.JPG


Helichrysum Pink 2022.JPG



Helichrysum Dark Pink 2022.JPG


Burgundy (Previously called Dark Pink) 

Helichrysum Orange 2022.JPG


Pastel (Previously called orange)

Helichrysum Colour Variation 

The photographs here, show the predominant colour  in bunches.  Other colours will also be in bunches.


Helichrysum produce colours that defy catagorising.  Please feel free to indicate your preferences.  

Range of Helichrysum colours 2022.JPG
Sedum 2020.JPG


Calgary  Wheat

Achillea Hot Orange.JPG

Terracotta Achillea


Yellow Achillea

Lambs Ear 2022.JPG

 Lambs Ear

Bulrushes Natural.JPG

Natural Bulrushes

$3.40 per stem

Bullrushes Black.JPG

Black Bulrushes

$3.90 per stem


Helichrysum Heads

Yellow Helichrysum Heads.JPG


100g and over


(approx. 7.3c/head).

100g =  approx. 300 heads)

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