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Natural Christmas Trees

171201 Xmas Tree plantation.jpg

 Thursday 17 December

The plantation is sold out.

 The plantation is open 9am  to 5pm  every day for collecting a tagged trees.

(On Wednesdays the plantation will stay open until 8pm)


The Plantation is at Eyebright.  

 You can drive straight to it.

The driveway is 60 meters North of the main Eyebright entrance. 

It is marked


There is facility to pay at the plantation.

You do not need to call at the shop.

Your tree is safe with us. 

We map out the exact location for easy finding when you come to pick it up.

For more information 

please phone me (Peter)

at 021 0244 6962.

Tree Stands

Stands are available at the plantation and the shop.

New Zealand made 'Cono' stands are excellent for trees up to 2.7 meters (9 foot).  They come with an 'Tree Saver Siphon'  which will insure that your tree never runs out of water.



includes'Tree Saver Siphon'


For trees 2.7 meters to 3.6 'meters, you'll need an American made 'Cinco' stand.  These stands have an extra large water reservoir, and do not require  a 'Tree Saver ​Siphon'.  

Cinco Stand for tree up to 12 Ft..JPG



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