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Here Comes Christmas

September 2018 Containers floating in Ch

Fortunately your Christmas cheer is not in one of these containers, but the containers just like them, containing the wonderful decorations bound for Eyebright were awaiting loading when Typhoon Mangkhut fresh from having trashed the Philippines barrelled in to Guangdong Province in China.  Guangdong is where most of our treasures come from.


The magic of the Eyebright display lies in the harmony of its parts.  A few missing parts we can live with, but this is more than a few.  Cyclone Mangkhut made landfall just as containers of  New Zealand bound Christmas merchandise were being loaded.  


Everyone is asking when does the Christmas Shop open.  We have been tempted to open ready or not, but that would be the wrong decision.   The delays are significant, but based on assurances from our suppliers, and with a big effort when stock arrives, we are committed to opening on Friday the 19th of October.  That’s  a week later than last year, but just in time for Labour Weekend.

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