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Artificial Plant Set Up

You will receive your plant folded up to fit in a box.  To make it look great you will need to put some time into positioning branches and leaves.

Palms require some assembly.  The rest are ready to go.

The branches have bendable wire cores, so you have endless possibilities for positioning them.  The wire core is fairly stiff.  Line up someone with strong hands if you need help. Always ask yourself “What would this plant grow like if it was real?”  Nature is always right.  Position branches and leaves to imitate the real thing.    The plants shown on this website have all been prepared in this way.  

Nature is full of gentle curves.  Don’t introduce sharp bends.

In nature, branches fill in empty spaces.  Move your branches to occupy gaps.

In nature, leaves always have the shiny side up, so make sure your leaves are the same.


Pop your plant in a larger pot, than the one it come with.  Fill the space left over with bark, or if you don’t have a lot of bark, any material will do, then just top up with bark.

Enjoy making your plant the best it can be. 

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